This Facebook note survey is for boys ONLY. If you’re a guy and you likes cars, girls and sports this is the quiz you need to fill out. It’s fun to fill out a Facebook note quiz when you’re bored at home, college or work and then show your friends the answers.

Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note:

Boys Only Facebook Note Survey


1. Have you ever held a gun?

2. Favorite gun?

3. What activity do you enjoy doing with guns?

4. Do you have good aim?

5. Ever wanted to shoot someone?


6. Do you like muscle cars?

7. Prefer BMW or Audi?

8. Best car manufacturer?

9. Air intake or fuel injector?

10. What do you drive?

11. Are trucks the way to go?

12. City roads or back roads?

13. What was your first car?


14. What was your first REAL crush like?

15. Ever told a girl you loved her but didn’t mean it?

16. What’s your biggest regret with your past relationships?

17. In your first kiss, was it open mouth?

18. What’s the furthest you’ve gone with a girl?

19. What’s the first thing you notice about a girl?

20. What’s the main reason to like a girl?

21. What size boobs do you like?

22. Short or tall girls?

23. Ever spanked a girl’s ass? If so, did she like it?

24. Ever had your heart broken by a girl?

25. Has a girl ever “spied” on you?

26. Biggest secret you’ve ever told a girl?

[Working Out]

27. How much can you benchpress?

28. What’s the heaviest thing you’ve ever lifted?

29. Ever impressed a girl lifting weights or exercising?

30. Visit a gym regularly?

31. Ever thrown hay bales?

[Growing Up]

32. What age did you hit puberty?

33. What were your thoughts when you first hit puberty?

34. How did you notice?

35. Were you freaked out?

36. Ever “compared” with other guys?

37. Ever measured?

38. Felt guilty about masturbating?

39. Do you look at porn?

40. Were you a slow boiler or an early bloomer?

41. Did you have acne?

42. Gone too far with someone?

43. Been “caught”?

44. Shown off?


45. Who are your favourite sports teams?

46. Are you in any sports teams?

47. What sports do you play?

48. What sport do you like watching the most?


47. Do you consider yourself an alpha male?

48. Are you a good leader?

49. Does anyone look up to you?

50. Are you a ruthless guider or an understanding one?

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