“My Bail Is” is funny quiz about naughty things you have done

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This funny quiz is all about the naughty things you may have done in your life! It’s great fun to fill out and find what your bail amount is! Then you can reveal to your friends how much your bail is set at! You can post this on a Facebook note or on Tumblr.

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50 Personal Questions Survey For Facebook Notes

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This Facebook note survey will reveal very personal things about you! This survey asks you questions about your love life, your sex life, your feelings and secrets that you probably haven’t told anyone! This survey is all about really personal stuff and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a serious survey to fill out if you want to reveal things about yourself to your friends. You can also make it a private note and just tag the people you want in it.

This survey was made by: Jessica. Have you made a quiz or survey? Send it to us!

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