This fun quiz survey is all about your life and the things you like. For each question in this survey quiz you need to put 4 answers. It’s a fun survey to fill out if you’re bored at home or school and want to share some personal info with your friends on facebook, tumblr or myspace. You can copy and paste this free quiz note to your profile page and then fill it out.

Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note:

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
Four jobs you wish you had:
Four movies you can watch over and over again:
Four cities you have lived in:
Four TV shows you love to watch:
Four websites you visit daily:
Four of your favorite foods:
Four things you won’t eat:
Four things you wish you could eat right now:
Four things in your bedroom:
Four things you wish you had in your bedroom:
Four things you’re wearing right now:
One place you’d rather be right now:
One fictional place you’d rather be right now:
Four people you’d really love to have dinner with:
Four things you’re thinking about right now:
Four of your favorite things/people:

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