A quick funny facebook notes quiz to fill out where you put an X in each box if you have done the questions. This funny survey is great fun to fill out on Facebook so your friends can see your answers. You can also copy and paste this survey to your tumblr.

Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note:

Mark an ‘X’ in each box if it applies to you.

[ ] you have liked a old man
[ ] you have smoked before
[ ] you consider yourself retarded
[ ] you enjoy watching hockey.
[ ] you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] you have farted more then 5 times today
[ ] You believe in aliens
[ ] you think your pretty.
[ ] you havent farted today.
[ ] you have msn or facebook
[ ] you are obbsessed with the internet
[ ] you think you are fat.
[ ] you think you are skinny
[ ] you are in the middle size..
[ ] this quiz is random
[ ] I copied this quiz from FunQuizNotes.com
[ ] you like peanuts
[ ] you are allergic to more then 1 thing
[ ] you like snow~daays
[ ] nerds are sexy
[ ] you are mad at someone

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