This free facebook survey test finds out if you are normal or weird. Its a fun test to fill out if you’re bored at home. You just have to put an X in each box if you have done each normal thing. The less X’s you have, the more weird you are! This is a facebook personality test quiz.

Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note:

Put an X in each box if you have done it.

[] you have farted in public , noticed or unnoticed.
[] you have had at least 5 crushes so far.
[] you have got into a physical fight at least once.
[] you know more than 10 abusive words.
[] you imagine things about the person you love or like.
[] you visit the bathroom as soon as you wake up.
[] you feel too lazy to brush your teeth when you wake up, but you still brush your teeth.
[] you have bitched about people many times.
[] you watch a movie at least once in a month.
[] you just can not survive without your phone and your internet.
[] you have one or more best friend(s)
[] you have failed in a test at least once.
[] you have a brain.
[] you have picked your nose in public at least once.
[] you dont repeat your underwear for more than two days.
[] you are finding this note really boring.

if you have 16 X’s , then your 100% normal.
if you have less than 10 X’s , somethings wrong with you.
if you have less than 5 X’s , then you are weird.

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