This brand new Facebook and Tumblr quiz game is super fun to fill out and show to your friends. This funny quiz game is all about a house party which happens in your house when your parents are out for the night. Fill out this quiz story as you go along and by the end you’ll have a funny story about how a house party happened at your house and what went down at the party with your friends! Make sure you tag your friends

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You’re sitting at home on a Friday night. Your parents have gone out to see a movie. They told you that you had to stay home.

You sit down to watch your favourite movie on the couch.

1.What movie is it?

You watch it for a little while, but then you realize your hungry. You go into the kitchen to get something to eat.

2. What do you get?

You sit back down to watch the movie, but your getting pretty bored with yourself. Suddenly, you hear a knock on the door. Your surprised, but you answer the door anyway.

3. Who is at the door?

You invite the person in to watch the movie with you. Since you’re bored, and your parents didn’t actually say that you couldn’t have people in, did they? So what can it hurt? Your both having an excellent time, chatting a gossiping, when there’s another knock on the door.

4. Who is it this time?

You let the person in, too, and realize they brought something with them to make the night more enjoyable.

5. What is this item?

6. Are you worried, or happy that they brought it?

You start to think that if there were more people here, almost like a party, the night would be much more fun. So you get a phone and start dialing some numbers.

Seven more people show up at your house, ready to have some fun.

7. Who are these people?


You turn up the music, and everyone starts dancing, and having fun.

8. What song is it?

Someone comes up behind you and starts dancing.

9. Who is it?

Looking over, you realize someone has jumped up on the coffee table, theyre now taking off their shirt and swinging it above their head while yelling and pounding their chest.

10. Who is it?

A circle forms in the middle of the room, and there is someone inside trying to breakdance. Upon approaching, you realize they aren’t bad.

11. Who is it?

Someone sneaks to your room. You hear a loud bang, and go to investigate.

11. Who is sitting on your bed?

Your shocked to find them there, but really don’t mind because your night really wasn’t going anywhere anyway, and this is better then nothing. But still, can’t have people going through your things. You hurry them out of the room and back to where everyone is. When you return, things have become more rowdy. Four more people have shown up.

12. Who are they?


Two people are making out on the couch.

13, Who are they?


Three people have started a wet t-shirt contest.

14. Who are they?


You look out the window, and see a mysterious black figure moving across the lawn. You considering going out there, to see who it is. But you are also debating on whether to just call the police. But you know that if you get the cops involved, your parents are going to know what you’ve been doing the whole time. You know you can’t go out alone, so you scream. “THERE’S SOMEONE OUTSIDE!” at the top of your lungs. Only three people come over to you and offer to help.

15. Who are the three?


16. Who is the most scared?

17. Who is being the brave?

18. Who is naked in the kitchen?

You and your three friends begin to slowly walk outside towards where you saw the shadowy figure, but when you get out there, you all sigh in relief when you realize who it is.

19. Who is it?

You’re all pretty upset that they tricked you, but you’re also relieved that it isn’t actually someone dodgy. While you’re all outside on the lawn, there’s a crash inside. You run in and find out that one of your friends has stumbled into something and fell.

20. Who is it? And why did they fall?

The party has got way out of hand, but how do you stop something this big? There’s only one way you can do this.

21. How do you do it?

People start scrambling out, but as the house begins to clear, you realize what a mess has been made. Luckily, two people offer to stay and clean up.

22. Who are they?


It takes you over an hour to clean up the mess, and while your cleaning, you find some pretty strange stuff.

23. What did you find?

You look at the time. You gasp and realize your parents will be home at any minute. You hurry your friends out, and turn back on the TV. Pretending you’d been watching it the whole time, but to your surprise, the phone rings. It’s your parents. They say they’re caught up in traffic and won’t be home for another hour or so. You hang up the phone, and begin watching TV again. Thinking that there is no way you can get caught now, but the phone rings again. You answer it.

24. Who is calling?

They thank you for an excellent party, but also ask you something else.

25. What do they ask you?

26. How do you reply?

They also admit to doing something at the party that they maybe shouldn’t have.

27. What was this?

You are very surprised, and realize that it explains a lot, you’re thinking of maybe sneaking out with this person, but your not sure if you should risk it.

28. Do you?

29. If so, what do you do?

30. What time do you get home?

You realize you’ve fallen asleep on the couch. It’s morning now, and your parents are probably home. They come down the stairs to go make breakfast. You say good morning.

31. Do they confront you about what you did last night?

32. If so, do you tell them the truth? If you don’t what was the story that you made up?

33. Do they believe you? Did you get away with it?

34. Overall, how was the party?

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