This free facebook quiz survey has questions about things you would usually try to keep a secret… so don’t be afraid to be vague. You can also skip if you want. The questions are about your personal habbits, personality, life and friends. Be honest and show your friends your answers by posting it on your facebook notes.

Copy and paste the below to a new facebook note:

1. Ever cheated on someone? How many times?:
2. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Or if you are a virgin, what age do you think you’ll lose it at?:
3. Are you “in love” with somebody?
5. Have you ever done anything sexual on your parents bed?:
6. Ever been “the other person” in an affair?:
7. How many people do you have a crush on right now?:
9. Ever had a one night stand?:
10. Ever gotten drunk and couldn’t remember the night?:
11. Ever been sexually harassed and/or assaulted?:
12. Ever had a crush on your neighbor?:
13. Ever snuck out of the house?:
14. How many illegal drugs have you tried?
15. Do you do any drug regularly?:
16. If you’re underage, do you still drink and/or smoke cigarettes?:
18. Ever attempted suicide?:
19. Ever been to therapy? What for?:
20. Have you ever been so upset that you stopped eating?:
21. Are you clinically depressed? Are you taking anything for it?:
23. How old were you when you first got kissed?:
24. Is there any “friend” of yours that you secretly hate but talk to anyway?:
25. Ever been in a relationship and wanted to end it, but stuck with it for some reason?:
26. Ever sent naked pictures to someone?:
27. What about sent them to someone you met over the internet?:
28. Ever been abused?:
29. Did you ever run away? How long were you gone for and what happened?:
30. Do you ever lie to yourself about things so much that you believe it?:
31. Have you ever liked someone when you were dating someone else?:
32. Ever dated a friend’s ex?:
33. Ever done something with your friend’s significant other?:
34. Did anyone ever confide in you about being gay/lesbian?:
36. Do you know of someone who has done a horrible crime but never got caught?
37. Ever stole a large sum of money?:
38. Ever purposely threw up?:
39. Ever had an eating disorder? What happened?:
40. Did you or anyone you know have an abortion?:
41. Were you or any of your siblings in an accident?:
42. Ever found porn on your parents’ computer?:
43. Do you look at porn?:
44. How many people have seen you naked in person?:
45. What about through pictures?:
46. Ever had cyber/phone sex?
47. Ever got a piercing behind your parents’ back?:
48. Ever sold or bought an illegal substance?:
49. What’s your #1 biggest fear?:
50. Have you ever faced that fear? What happened?:

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